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The Middlefork Savanna Forest Preserve is a natural gem tucked away in the middle of Roselle, Illinois, adjacent to N. Oak Street, US-14, McHenry County College and the Chicago River. The western section runs from McHenry County College and US 14 to Crystal Lake, west of N Oak Street. It is covered by a dense forest of trees, shrubs, grasses, trees and grassland, with a total area of about 1.5 million hectares.

The eastern part of the village is accessible via Route 608, which runs east from Exit 9 of Roselle Road on IL 390, east from Roselle Road, south. You can reach the west side or the village by using Interstate 290, which will take you about 6 miles south, and you will be taken to Route 608. The western part of the village can be reached via I-290 by using Exit 7 on the south side and Exit 8 on Interstate 90 to enter the city through downtown to the east or south. From IL 290, take Interstate 290 South to IL-390 and then east to Illinois State Route 60 and travel approximately three miles south.

This part of Roselle is served by Waterbury Elementary School, which is located in the city, and the southern part is located south of Green Belt Forest Preserve.

Although there is no Amtrak access in the village, you can get to the Amtrak station from downtown Chicago by taking the nearby Metro commuter train that passes just south of the village (see below). Although there is no Amtrak service to and from the village, using Downtown Chicago will take you to most of the state's interstate and bus lines.

Trains are one of the safest means of transport available and offer the opportunity to relax in a pleasant atmosphere while travelling from Chicago to Roselle. Trains offer great comfort and safety, as well as excellent views of the Chicago skyline, and are the only safe means of transportation in our existence. Zug offers the opportunity to relax in the comfortable surroundings of a train station on the way to and from the village and the opportunity to relax during the journey between RoseLle and Chicago.

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The approximate travel time is 31 miles, but add a dozen minutes or two if you're planning a limousine ride for a grinding meeting. Tripadvisor has a list of the best Roselle resources, making it one of my favorite travel sites in the Chicago area. The approximate journey time from Chicago to Chicago is 46 minutes or more, and the average journey time between Chicago and Rose is about 31 minutes and 15 seconds.

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Visit Navy Pier for a sightseeing boat and enjoy beautiful views of the Chicago River and the shores of Lake Michigan. Visit the Navy Pier and Roselle Riverfront Park for some great views during your visit, or visit Naval Air Station Chicago for sightseeing on a boat.

The Waupon Lake Glacial Trail leaves the urban narrowness of Joliet to bask in the magnificent views of Lake Michigan, the Chicago River and Illinois Riverfront Park. The Kuhn Road Trail begins and runs along the west side of the Lakeside Park in Roselle, south of Chicago. Lily's Cache Greenways travel east and west across the border from ComEd Greenway to Bollingbrook Border to Plainfield And then from north to south through the town of Plainfields. The Marquette Trail runs through the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and offers scenic views from Lake Michigan.

Racine's southeastern neighborhoods are bordered by the North Shore Trail, which stretches south to the Racine-Kenosha county line. Route 20 (seconds) is one of the most scenic routes in the state of Illinois. The North shore Channel Trail stretches from Lake Park in Roselle south of Lake Michigan, north to Lake Forest and then south again. Irving Park, a public park on the north side of Chicago, runs along the Chicago River and Illinois Riverfront Park to provide views of Chicago and Chicago Lake Park and Lake Shore Drive.

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More About Roselle