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The North Shore Art League announced the winners of the art show at a reception in the studio yesterday. The awards for the two Bensenville artists were presented by W & H, which exhibited at its annual Art in the Park show on May 4 at the County Fair Grounds. Second prize went to Christine G. Schmitt, an artist from South Bend, and the "Artist of the Year" award went to the artist for her work on the wall outside her home in North Chicago.

Jeanne Warner, who received the Artistic Achievement Award for her work on the wall outside her Bensenville home, received ribbons for her grades in painting, drawing and craftsmanship. The works of these artists will be included in 22 paintings and 15 crafts that will be on display in July at a regional exhibition on the University of Illinois Circle Campus. All galleries and artists selected for the new season must be exhibiting at the Countryside Art Center for at least two years prior to the beginning of each season. The winners of this exhibition can exhibit not only in their respective galleries, but also on their own property.

Dancers are encouraged to enroll in more than one dance class if they wish to develop their technique, skills and depth. Students of all ages and levels of experience are invited to learn with one of our experienced teachers. In each 30-minute session, students are confronted with a variety of dance styles, from traditional to modern, from hip-hop to jazz and more.

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If you like to spend time outdoors, you can visit the beautiful parks of Roselle and indulge in a wide range of activities in the park, including hiking, cycling, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and many other activities. For a fun day with the family we can spend a day or two in NED Park, a beautiful park with a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults. After a great day of hiking or cycling or camping or for fun days with the family we could visit a work of art from the autumn, such as a sculpture garden or an outdoor treehouse.

Their works were to be donated to the Roselle Illinois Art Museum in the parking lot of NED Park on the west side of the park. The date of receipt is at the latest two weeks after the date of your request and The earliest is six months after birth.

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More About Roselle